Older Plasma TV needing DVD and Netflix wired or wireless component?

  • I'm Looking for Blu Ray and/or DVD Player with Netflix Internet using RGB composite or the larger DVI output cables  to a 2003 Plasma TV.  Wi-Fi Netflix Internet would be great, but I can run a network cable. Thanks for any recommendations.

  • Most Blu-ray players do not offer analog video outputs anymore. While you can use a HDMI to DVI adapter to make a digital HD video connection to your older plasma display, the DVI input is video only so you would also need to connect a separate analog audio cable if you want to hear the audio playback through the TV’s built-in speakers.

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?


  • Thanks for the response!

    It looks like I need a 2011 or later unit or one of the universal players still being made.  I tried the HDMI adapter cable on a my MAC TV  box and the signal is out of range on my old ESA plasma TV.    

    Here is a good table of models.  spreadsheets.google.com/pub

    Most of these units can be found on Ebay and other stores that support families with older TVs and on  a tight budget for new home electronics.