Good set top box with optical audio out and HDMI?

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Good set top box with optical audio out and HDMI?

  • Any recommendations? Thanks!

  • I see the Apple TV has these features, but does not have Amazon Instant Video. Not that big of a deal since my PS3 has Amazon Video.

  • We could use a little more info about your definition of a “set-top-box” as I think of a cable or satellite box when I hear that term.

    By mentioning the AppleTV, it’s clear that you are not referring to a cable/satellite box but a media streaming device. The AppleTV is great for that and very intuitive. If you own Apple devices and have a large iTunes Library, this is likely your best option.

    If you are not tied to Apple & iTunes, you can get a lot for your dollar with a blu-ray player. Most models will offer networking and the ability to stream content from many different services (Amazon Instant Video is very common). They are very affordable (In the same range as an AppleTV) and offer support for both physical media (blu-ray, DVD, CD) and the streaming video content you require.

    On the other hand, if you already have a PS3 connected, much of these features & capabilities will be redundant.

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?

  • Filtered the Blu-ray players once more to show only those with networking & the digital optical outputs.

  • Thanks. I was really just looking for something to add to my setup, but decided to go with a smart blu ray.  I really like the roku though. Might add it one day.