Going Old School to Cut the Subscriptions BUT Cable Confusion--I think

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Going Old School to Cut the Subscriptions BUT Cable Confusion--I think

  • Hi all, new member, trying to save myself, my money and the planet. I'm no A/V geek but I can follow good instructions when I get them.

    I have a Sharp Aquos LC-20S1U-S TV and a Samsung DVD/VCR DVD-V4800. I use things until they in fact break, so, yeah. I put the Samsung away when I joined the TiVO rage and now I'm so over it--the on-screen schedule lineup is wrong enough times to make me wonder "Why should I pay for something *I* used to do with my VCR, for free?" And, I just can't justify buying a newer TiVO, with higher monthly fee, just to work better with the new tv (a different one) and the now mostly digital tv broadcast signals.

    All I want the Sharp and Samsung to do is play VHS tapes and record TV to VHS. I have a separate DVD player for the brand new tv so I don't even need that part of the Samsung.

    Cable coax is connected to RF In on Samsung. I am waiting to try recording to VHS once I can get the play function to display at least a clear black and white image, if not color. Standard RCA cables connect from the Samsung DVD & VCR Out ports to the Sharp lower left rear composite/component ports. I've attached just the pertinent Samsung and Sharp diagram pages for anyone's quick reference.(Pdf not allowed so had to use screenshots--my apologies.)

    Play home recorded VHS of a color tv program (from years ago): poor but tolerable black and white video, but good audio. Play recently purchased DVD color tv show: poor but tolerable black and white video, fair audio.

    Now I add an s-video cable and move the RCA cables to the tv top left panel of ports. The DVD looks and sounds fabulous. The VHS tape sounds good but there is no video. (I always play one, *then* the other.) I tried moving the RCA cables back down to the lower left, no help.

    So you see my dilemma. If the professional verdict is no configuration of cables will make the VCR display and record, then so be it. But if there is any way one of you pro's can help me to even jury rig this to work, I'll be very grateful. I will check this forum daily.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help, good day.


    IggyMon 05-08-15 Fri 530p CDT

    05-08-15 610p CDT: Hmm, the Sharp TV diagram jpg is now not visible/attached. It was when I posted the request, so I have no idea what happened. I will try to add it back below but I may have to provide it on request if it falls off again. Again, many thanks.

  • The DVD/VCR "Line Out" should connect to AV In 1 on the TV. The S-Video is video only for the DVD, nothing for the VCR. I believe when you were getting a black and white picture you were using the component video output on the DVD side, or possibly connecting to a component video input on the TV.