Need advice about surround sound for small "room"

  • I have a "Bonus Room" in my house with a 55 inch Samsung TV, Blu Ray 3D DVD, PS3 and Wii system. The room is not really a room though - its a 7 foot by 12 foot cube with one wall missing. The house is an open floor plan; basically the missing wall to the room is a hallway and stairs to the lower level. If it's relevant, the Samsung TV is model UN 55D6900 and the 3D DVD is Samsung model BD-D5500. I have attached pictures as well.

    What I am looking for is a decent surround sound / home theater system for playing games and watching the occasional DVD. Space is at a premium; I installed a floating cabinet for the DVD , PS3 and Wii system. All wires are hidden through the wall. I had originally considered a sound bar, but I know nothing about them. I will say that I have no issue flush mounting components in the wall if the end result is cleaner aesthetics and superior sound. As the house is only occupied by me and my son, disturbing the others in the house is not an issue. I plan to purchase a set of wireless headphones in the event someone is playing a game when I need to work. My office is right next to the bonus room.

    I hope to keep the price below $500 if at all possible. I am OK with either wall mounting via a small bracket or flush mounting speakers in the walls. Wiring shouldn't be a big issue, as I can run through the attic above. I'm also not sure if I need a separate amplifier / receiver for the surround system, as I understand many are "self powered". ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone can recommend a great set of inexpensive wireless headphones, please let me know!

  • A 5.1 surround system, amplified with a reciever and getting the signal from the TV audio out is what you want. You will have plenty of power available to immerse yourself into games and movies. Being such a small room, you don't need alot of power.

    These would be great -

    GLH Geeked

  • Race car sim...sweet!