White lines being displayed by my In-Focus home theatre projector

  • I purchased an In-Focus projector from Crutchfield about 5 years ago and it is now displaying white lines.  I am inclined to purchase a new projector as technology has obviously changed recently.  Has anyone ever seen white lines being displayed by their projector?  They started out as solid black lines that have now converted to solid white lines.  I've attached a picture of the screen so you can see what I'm trying to describe here.  Sorry they are a little sideways.    I appreciate any feedback on this topic.



  • I know that InFocus has offered firmware updates for certain model projectors to correct different display issues. You may want to check their website to see if they offer an update for your specific model.

    Because you purchased from Crutchfield, you can also contact our tech support department for assistance. Their toll-free number is printed on the back of your original invoice. If you no longer have your invoice, you can call our Customer Support department at 800.955.9091. They can find your order in our system and transfer you to tech support if need be.