Best Surge Protector Under $200 - 10 outlets

  • Hey there - I need to purchase a new surge protector for my home entertainment system.  My budget is to stay under $250 and I also need at least a 10-outlet adapter.  Below is a list of the electronics I'll be plugging into it.  I'd also love one that has a controlled outlet that can turn off some of the other outlets.  For example, if I turn off the receiver, it turns off the DVD, TV, and Cablebox as well.

    Updating this post, I've used a Smart Strip in other parts of my house which I love.  I came across this one that has 10 outlets.  Why is this so cheap?  What am I missing that I need to think about?  Because this seems like it would do the job.

    - Onkyo TR-SR506 receiver

    - Altec fan for receiver

    - Samsung 40" LED

    - Samsung Blu-Ray DVD

    - xBox

    - Comcast cable box

    - Mirage Omni subwoofer

    - Wii

    - Apple TV

    - A2 Audio Engine speakers

    Thanks for your help in advance.

  • The Panamx M4300-PM gets you real close with 9 outlets (in two isolated banks) for an exceptional sale price. For this option I would get a separate Panamax MD2 unit for protecting the powered subwoofer from a different outlet.


    Anyone else have a good recommendation?

  • I think Panamax makes a good product, but I'd use a Leviton whole-house suppressor at the panel first, then add local suppression.