Home theater build

  • New poster here so not familiar with this forum so bare with me. I'm converting my basement into a brewery/ pub / home theater. I know it a lot but I think it will work. The  theater room is 14' wide and 15' deep on the back wall is an opening into another " room " room. The opening is more of a window 6' wide by 3' high. 10' beyond that are sliding doors that open to the brew room which will be closed when watching sporting events or movies. The main theater room has a drop cieling and Sheetrock walls with a concrete floor. Will this work accoustically. Any advise for equipment ? Specifically sub size.I do have dome stuff but plan to upgrade piece by piece.

  • It can certainly work. Absolutely. Most quality receiver/amplifiers will have an auto-calibration system that will listen to your speakers, their placement withing the room and the acoustics of your space to optimize the performance of your system in your ideal listening location.

    While all of the models we offer are very high quality, I personally prefer the Marantz & Denon models. They offer excellent quality amplification and the Audyssey suite of features for calibration of the system.

    For the multi-room distributed audio portion of the system I recommend contacting the Crutchfield A/V Design Group. This specially trained group of advisors can help design the system and recommend the components and cabling you'll need to get the performance and capabilities you require in each location.

    I hope that helps.

    Anyone else have a good recommendation?