iRV6500BT Playing DVDs in just black and white

  • Hi so I am a little new to this. I just purchased a new RV and it came with the iRV6500BT unit. I put in a DVD for my daughter to watch and it only plays the movie in black and white and the picture is really not clear. I then watched regular tv and the picture was perfect so I know it is not the tv. Could something be hooked up wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  • Do you have the composite (yellow jack) video output of the iRV connected to a component (red, green, and blue) input on your display device? If so, that would explain why it's in black and white, that's a common symptom of plugging a composite signal in to a component input. If your display has a composite input (yellow video jack, red and white audio jacks) then move the cables over to that and switch to that input and it should resolve the problem. If it doesn't have a composite video input then there's not really an easy fix. The only option would be to pass the signal from the iRV into something that would upconvert the composite signal to component. Home Theater receivers used to do that, but since HDMI is more prevalent now that feature's pretty rare.