Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns Of the Patriots

  • Anyone picking up this title? I will be renting and possibly purchasing if I really like the gameplay.

    The initial reviews are simply gushing about the production quality and graphics. I really can't wait to get it in the PS3. It will be nice to have an exclusive title designed specifically for the PS3's capabilities. I was hoping "Haze" would be a nice warmup, but after playing the demo and reading the awful reviews, I decided not to get it.

    Hopefully, MGS4 will live up to all the hype.

    Let's hear from the rest of you. If you have it, tell us what you think without spoiling the plot too much.

  • I have it....but won't be playing till later on tonight!! Definately, lots of hype....I'm just worried that the controls might be way to challenging to master. Time will tell...


  • My copy should be arriving today. Hopefully I'll get the chance to play some over the weekend.

    I heard the hand to hand combat can be difficult, but the stealth movement is fairly intuitive. I'm anxious to see how they incorporate the motion sensing of the Siaxis controller.

    The game will also support the DualShock 3 controllers but I haven't upgraded mine just yet.

    Has anyone heard when the online multiplayer will be added?


  • Played it last night for about an hour...lots of cinema intro, storyline not too much 'game' time. Still learning how to do everything....and yeah, once detected it seems a bit crazy to get away or kill the enemy.  Still early...but the graphics, sounds are amazing. The actual movement is great. Still learning all the map, detection systems to understand the mission objectives. Overall I'm impressed....we'll see how it goes this weekend when I have more time to play!

     I thought online multi-player support was already included...hmm...

    Not sure how the six-axis is incorported...not obvious thus far.

  • I've heard that this will wrap up the MGS line of games? 

    I haven't followed this series but from what I read, this should be a killer game. 


    Currently working on my MBA program.  I hope to return sometime in December 2010. 

  • The graphics are great but the cutscenes are waaaay too long. I feel like I'm watching more than I'm playing. I'm still in the beginning stages so hopefully, they will ease up a bit as the game progresses.

    I really like it so far. Once you learn the controls, the game flows pretty well, but just when you think you're getting somewhere, you get hit wait a 5-10 minute cut scene.

    I'll reserve my overall judgement untill I either call it quits, or complete the game. At this rate, that should be in a month or two....

  • This game isn't for everyone...but so far it really is living up to all the hype! I've stopped playing Grand Theft Auto....which for some reason I can't get into. Too much 'sim' like atmosphere.

    If your into first person shooters, this game isn't for you. Lucky for me, I hate FPS on consoles...

    Another game I enjoyed was Drake's Adventure....

    I agree the cut scenes are WAY too long...seems to get better with more game and less movie as you progress, but still too early to tell.


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  • I'm finally getting into this game. Without spoiling anything, I think I'm safe to say that I'm in the marketplace in South America right now. I'm guessing that it's around 1/4 to 1/3 of the way through the game.

    I hit a few snags along the way (Read: getting my butt kicked) but have learned better ways to defeat the more difficult opponents. While the cut scenes do drag on, I find that they are a nice reward for getting to that point and a chance for a breather.

    I'm definitely psyched to progress the story along and see what other gamepley features they've implemented.

    On a side note, I highly recommend a surround sound speaker set-up for this game. Many of the effects are sound based and directional. I'm sure I would be at a disadvantage if I didn't have my 5.1 setup.

  • Well, I beat the story mode over a week ago and since then I decided to try out the online multiplayer. What a huge hassle! You have to register a user name, a gamername, and different passwords for both. Once you've entered the info, you have to visit Konami's website by clicking a link in your confirmation e-mail. This process took at least a half hour before I could even log onto the multi-player servers.

    I then had to custom build my character and begin training. At this point, I turned the PS3 off. I might give the multi-player one more shot but if I have much difficulty at all, I don't think I will continue.

    Anyone else enjoying the multi-player with this title? Is it worth all the effort?

    I guess I'm spoiled with "Resistance" and "Halo 3" where you just login and begin to play....

  • Ouch... That's a ton of work just to go kill some electronic soldiers. 


    Most all online games are log-on / select weapon class / shoot (and promptly be shot at)

    Currently working on my MBA program.  I hope to return sometime in December 2010. 

  • A friend of mine who picked up the PS3 package with MGS4 let me borrow the game since he's not into gaming. He bought the PS3 mostly for the Blu-ray capacity. I'm not totally impressed with the game but it is challenging in Big Boss mode and really requires time lots of time and patience, especially the story/video boards.

    From some have posted the on-line feature is a big hassle to get going with and it's a shame. I keep telling two PS fan boys at work that PS3 is a superior system to the 360 but as far as on-line features and ease of getting into an on-line match, the 360 wins hands down. Sure you have to fork over cash for a year's worth of subscribtion, but you get way you pay for and in this case is a robust on-line community with a simple one sign-on feature that let's you play tons of games on-line against gamers around the world.

    This did take Microsoft at least a second generation gaming system to finally put what I think is one of the best executed on-line gaming communities out there. I think the PS network will eventually get to the point of Live but I don't expect that to be with this console but possibly the next one.

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  • I'm a Halo, Gears, COD guy and I loved it. I played it on Solid Snake difficulty. After I got use to the controls I could see why so many people liked it. But there are people who are just down right ridiculous at this game. A guy beat it in 4 hours on Big Boss difficulty with no Octocamo. It took me like 30 hours i think... But anyways the story and layout was very entertaining. Gears 2 was better IMO but thats cause I like blood and guts and FPS.
  • How about that metal gear? Can you bring it onto the airplane? Will it be detected by metal detector?